Callum Eddisford
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My Skills

Here are some of my key skills


Front-end Designer

Stunning websites that work for everyone.


Back-end Developer

Do you want a site that doesn't just look pretty but actually does something?


Graphic Desinger

Whether you're looking at branding options or just some fancy image manipulation.


Video Producer

Professional, high quality videos that bring everything together and look great.

My Clients

Some clients I've had the privilege of working with

My Company

Four Walls Media

My Portfolio

Take a look at my portfolio

Little Fingers Baby Food - Delicious and nutritious organic baby finger food.

TZCalc - A timezone calculator.

MsgMe - A different kind of messaging app.

The Duke of York Young Champions Trophy (DOYYCT) - A website created for the DOYYCT golfing initiative.
S2CG - The Official Solid State Chemistry Group website.
Promo Fo's - The Social Promo Network.
Handyman - A University project created in codeigniter, an MVC framework.
mode hair
Mode Hair - Hair Salon based in Manchester.

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Little Fingers Baby Food

An E-commerce site created for Little Fingers Baby Food, Delicious and nutritious organic baby finger food.

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TZCalc is a University Front-end development project that allows users to see the difference in time between their current country and their chosen country.

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MsgMe is a University project that allows people to talk to their friends without registering for an account

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The Duke of York Young Champions Trophy

A website created for the DOYYCT golfing initiative

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A complex portal system that allows users to post and share content for all members of the organisation.

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Promo Fo's

A Landing Page and graphics designed for Promo Fo's.

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Handyman is a web-app which uses an MVC framework (Codeigniter to be precise). I created this web-app for a university project. The app allows users to either create jobs that require a handyman (plumbing for example), or alternatively respond to other peoples jobs if they have the specific skill
*You will need to register to operate the site

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Mode Hair

Mode hair is a website for a hair salon in Manchester

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